As a Video Producer, you’ll support the eKidz team by managing and resourcing each video project from concept to completion.


  • You’ll manage project timelines and the schedules of creative team members and other participants.
  • You’ll schedule and participate in brainstorming and ideation sessions for upcoming video projects.
  • You’ll manage and operate within budgets.
  • You’ll oversee location scouting, gathering props, craft services, and booking talent for shoots.
  • You’ll ensure end products are delivered for review on time and with excellence.
  • You’ll work closely with other creative teams, collaborating and supporting one another on video projects.


  • Experience in producing/project management
  • Highly organized and skilled with data tracking platforms (Google Docs, Sheets, Excel)
  • Excellent at time management; better under pressure
  • A “get it done, won’t take no for an answer” personality
  • Great communication skills and decision-making abilities
  • Love working on a team and a desire to constantly be learning


  • Familiarity and/or experience with Elevation Church
  • Bachelor’s degree or 2+ years of experience in business management, project management, event planning (or related field)
  • Experience in managing and caring for a team
  • Film/Video experience