As a Film Director at Elevation Church, you will create works that inspire and inform audiences to grow in their personal faith.

General Responsibilities

  • Conceptualize, write, edit, and produce scripts as needed.
  • Develop and communicate vision for all work to solve problems concisely and creatively.
  • Collaborate with a team to budget, cast, scout, and produce work.
  • Manage the technical aspects of the film, including cameras, sound, lighting, design, etc.
  • Handle the post-production process to ensure all work solves problems appropriately.
  • Understand the context in which finished work will be used to create more effective final products.


  • Minimum of 2+ years experience in film/video making (directing, editing, etc.)
  • Film portfolio available online
  • Extensive understanding of filmmaking process
  • Video editing proficiency (Adobe Premiere)


  • Film degree or equivalent experience
  • Demonstrated experience script writing


You’re passionate about the Gospel
You are active in your local church. You are passionate and motivated to build the local church. You believe the church is God's plan for bringing hope to the world.

You’re a creative at heart.
You have an understanding of quality design aesthetics and current trends. You can take what people are thinking, and bring it to screens in ways that inspire.

You’re confident in what you stand for.
You are self-motivated. You don’t wait for permission to fix a problem. You are gritty. We are a hard-working staff willing to go to any length for a mission we believe in.

You’re not fun to take to the movies.
You know film - what makes a good one and a bad one. You analyze the script, the technique, and the details most don’t notice. And your friends will actually watch the movies you recommend.