As an Online eGroups Director, you’ll get to work to advance the gospel by providing leadership, care, and support to the small groups ministry of Elevation Church’s online ministry.


  • You’ll develop new and existing eGroup leaders as well as Care Team leaders by creating instructional videos, hold weekly meetings, provide coaching for leaders, and provide culture teachings.
  • You’ll recruit and onboard new eGroup leaders and provide training.
  • You’ll create community by facilitating group assignments and develop communication strategies that are effective for eGroup leaders across countries/time zones.
  • You’ll work with campuses to connect interested out of town VIPs to an online eGroup.
  • You’ll develop initiatives surrounding growing eGroups for the broadcast ministry as a whole.


  • Highly organized/administrative
  • Strong ability to build relationships and provide a high level of customer service
  • Leadership strengths in the executing domain
  • High level of communication skills; written and verbal


  • Prior experience with Elevation Church eGroups
  • Experience with online/digital communities